Bite the bUllet

/ filmed with the help of Periscope Productions and NWF - The Norwegian Wrestling Association.


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Today I revisited an old song I haven´t played in years cus I was worried the lyrics might be misunderstood. Today I embrace this song for what it was at the time. An anthem for self-worth in times of rejection. Remembering who you are when the going gets tough and to never ever let anyone tell you what you deserve.
Get Her promotional video for their song "ApplePicking" Thanks to Natalie Williams, Erik Meyn, Mario Aguilar, Rob Eakins, Kjersti Børsum, Thilde Marie Børsum, Knut Erik Jacobsen and everyone else involved.
We decided to jump on the crazy train and give "Let it Go" from Frozen a bit of a rock makeover. Engineered by Stubborn Sound Producer Kyle May - Filmed by Periscope Productions -